Is the Most Expensive Home Ice Cream Maker Actually the Best?

Hello everyone. We’re taking a break from just normal wackadoo. You can do this programming where it’s maximum work for a minimal improvement and we’re going to test some products. The first one we have here is one with an internal compressor, which means it has built in refrigeration. The second one uses ice from your freezer and the third one uses proof frozen buckets. This one having the the internal compressor, you just pour the product in, turn it on. This is probably the easiest way to make ice cream and it also has a pre-cool situation where you can turn it on and the single beach, the compressor will be chilling for upwards of 20 minutes.

So when you put the product in, it’s already started. It’s already nice and cold. If you were to proofread this like it allows you to but we’re not going to cause this unfair, uh, you will get probably smaller ice crystals. Is that better? Mouthfeel yes. Great. Smaller. The better. And the next step we have the nostalgia ice cream maker, which uses the ice and this comes in around 39 99 which this one is obviously based on salt and ice. This one’s probably going to be a slower process. I’m going to be impressed if this comes up. Awesome. The last one here is the Cuisinart, uh, ice cream maker. This rings in around $53 $54 and this uses the freezer bowl, put the ice cream in it. This thing agitates it. The colds on the outside, as long as you mix it up, Colby comes on the inside.

You’re not going to purchase this and go home and make ice cream. The barrel needs to get frozen for upwards of a day and a half, two days. I’m still kind of excited about this one concern. You can get 10 of these for the price of this one. Yeah. This one you can break consistent consistently over and over like this today and you can have a new one at your door prime in two days or less. You should get on a subscription and then there’s also the question of how much ice cream do you really going to make? Are you going to have one party and then realize, Oh, I don’t like making ice cream and I got stuck with one of dollars or this thing goes underneath the counter and if you ever need it again, it’s there and that’s a big consideration to take is like when you’re at these price points, how often are you going to make ice cream one, this guy, and especially this guy, take up a ton of space in your kitchen.

You can have all the things you can use this bucket for. Let’s get started. You brought some ice cream base with you. We’re going to portion this out and then we’re probably going to do what for each? Well, let’s put a coordinate. Everyone’s using the same base, the basis of the temperature, same temperature in each one. We’re going to start each one at the same time and analyze it as we go through the steps. We need to probably ice and salt this first with the bull in it, right? Yep. So the bowl is in our freezer right here. Put this in here and get a rest on a sofa or a recliner. We put this guy on top. We’ll obviously maybe to set it. Why don’t we don’t we put the quarter of ice cream in this first. Okay. See, this is all new new for us too. It’s been good for us too. So we have the bag of ice and we need salt. The salt can allow for it to freeze colder than it normally would as water.

So let’s do, uh, a layer of salt. Now talk to me about these paddles. This paddle is going to be rigid inside this and it’s going to spin the a, it’s going to spin the barrel, the, uh, the aluminum canister, which is essentially going to make the friction on the side and make it cold as her movement is moving from the coal, from the outside of the agitation. Come on, Macy. You get it together, I guess. I guess I should have done this. Oh, there we go. Okay. I made it, made it a little more difficult than this supposed to be. And last but not least, you want to get our, um, yes, I’ll get the balls. It’s supposed to have no movement of liquid and if you listen, it should be frozen in this. This was in there for about 24 hours. Um, so really probably about 36 hours even though the recommendation is 16 to 24 but what we want to do, everything kind of according to factory directions and so we’re taking it at the 24. All right, let’s let the freezing begin.

This one now, the canister Ella canister is actually spinning in the ISIS stationery, which is what we’ve been waiting on. Yeah. That just comes from the ice finding that we had a packed and kind of tight. So now everything’s where it needs to be and this is freezing probably better than either of the other two. So out the gate nostalgia that you can break is coming out the Gates shop. Yeah, we can get this down around 15 degrees. Off this, this ice bath, pretty impressive. Over here we have 48 degrees over here. Let’s test it against this guy. It’s dropping 44 42 39 and what we have happening in here is really nothing. These are both consistently being frozen, whereas this one is dying out. Oh gosh. Is not getting any colder. In fact, it’s getting less cold. This one might be a great addition to a milkshake 38.2 what is that feature? The we we served in UA.

There’s, that’s why you spend, that’s why you spend the $400 music right now. We’re sitting around 10 minutes in and we already have ice cream being made here. I can see the freezing, the product is frozen and I can see how can you see where the agitation is happening on the wall right there? Yeah, that’s, that’s a disgust. See, that’s a lot thicker than anyone do. I dare say that. Your initial hypotheses is now shifting duper shot behind the nostalgia. In hindsight, this is more like a professional machine. Obviously it’s done in a real rudimentary fashion, but in it, as far as con concept, this is the most efficient out of these three

We’re at 23 minutes right now. Distinct ribbons off of this ice cream base are coming up. It’s no longer a liquid. It’s actually, looks like it’s folding into itself. Yeah, we’re, we’re, we’re about five, six minutes away from this being ready to go. So we’re actually at 38.1 right now. The temperature from about 10 minutes ago has gone up about a degree. Um, and since there is no intuitive internal cooling mechanism in here, it’s not going to get a much better. The one that freezes faster is the one that’s going to be better. Just because the ice crystals are going to be smaller. They’re given less time to develop a little engine that could, is running away right now. The Breville with the presale would be done by now, probably would be done. We have some sad news to report and flat lining over here. We’ve gone up three degrees. You know we’re not, we’re not in a happy ice cream place. I think the wise thing to do at this point really is make it a two horse race. You pulling the plug? We’re going to pull the plug, right? I mean it’s just sad. Now right off the table

It’s been 40 minutes. Let’s take a look and get a real reference point of what this is. We can see this one and we’re in this one off. Oh yeah, it’s got an on off switch. The ice cream is moving still. It’s not really ice cream. It’s soft serve, soft set, so it’s not like a hard scoop ice cream. You, no matter what ice cream we make, you’re going to want to harden it in the freezer. And I think we’re ready here.

Let’s get this in the freezer now. It’s a waiting game. What are we looking for textually? We want something that’s creamy and smooth. The smaller the ice crystals, the less you’re going to feel, but I think the better the product is. Okay, so we really only have two to compare. Now they’re both going to be on the S on the soft side because they haven’t been in the freezer very long. But I think we’ll be able to tell what the texture is and who wins the overall ice cream challenge for the day. Great. Show a. We should try the Breville for sure. We should,

I think it’s smoother. I think that’s, I think that’s once that’s hardened, but I think it’s going to be a really nice, really nice consistent, yeah. Yeah. Let’s see how the uh, Oh wow. I find it to be even smoother. That’s actually a noticeable difference. Yeah. It’s like extremely creamy. The, even the tiniest bit of grain that you got on there almost seems like it’s disappeared on this one disappeared in this one. Yeah. This is, uh, this, this one. Huh? You Sam as an ice cream professional. If you were to say out of one to three, maybe just one. Two. Yeah. I think three is pretty much fending for itself. I, I this, this one, this is the winner today. This is a, this is a close, close, close second. Uh, but if you weigh the price point into it, it’s a little further away. Yeah.

But as far as product, this is across the board. This one. Yeah. Eating your words right now will love you a little bit. I, you know, I don’t, I’m too old because to get up little stuff like that. Okay. So for those folks at home, you’re a nostalgia ice cream maker is going to give you not only texture, but a very low cost item to get that beautiful ice cream. Thanks brother for coming in. Um, if you don’t want to run through all this hassle, just hit up SAB at Oddfellows. Uh, here. We’ll take care of you with delicious flavors of all kinds. If you want to see more videos like this, maybe we break some more stuff. Click here. Why can I not do this at home? Like why? Why is this not a thing? I don’t want to cut a hole in my dining room table and make a trough.

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