And it’s a whink rust stain remover. We have hard water because we have a well. Obviously we live in the sticks, so we don’t have town water. But we have a water softener, but you still get these stains. This is years and years of stains, if you see on here. But I just tried this stuff, and you’ve got to check this out.

So look at our old tub that’s kind of like… It has some streaks because I already put some of this on it, but this was all basically this color. So check this out, how good this is. So all you got to do is spray a little, spray some on like that. And actually a lot of it will just start dissipating right when you put it on. And then you just take this and you just scrub it off as you put it on. It’s absolutely amazing.

And if you look over on the top here, I already did that part in it. That was all orange or the rusting. And so let’s try this. I’ll show you this real quick. On this is the worst part, right here, so we’ll put some of this on. It evaporates as you go. It’s amazing. But you don’t even have to scrub a lot of it if you… Look at that. It automatically takes it down with it. It’s absolutely amazing. And these are some hard, hard water stains. So if you have some little spots that you didn’t hit, you just come over with a scrubbing sponge. You can come over the top like that and get the areas that you missed.

It’s absolutely, I’m saying absolutely a lot, but it is great product. I can’t believe how good. We were just scrubbing this today with some lime remover, basic stuff, and we were getting nowhere with it. So if you’re looking for some good rust stain remover, grab this. Phenomenal. We’ll do a quick video when we’re done to show you how it looks.

Okay. This is how clean our shower looks. Now, this is the cleanest I’ve ever seen it. Usually, it’s pure orange with rust stains and we would spend hours scrubbing it, scraping it, using different cleaners. We could never get it to look like this. So, we’ve found this new cleaner that he showed earlier and it’s amazing. So good.

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